Software Localization Services

Digital Localization Services that Improve the Translation Workflow

If your product includes computer software (or uses a software interface), you can rely on ABC for complete, turnkey localization of the foreign language versions.

Our translators, working together with software engineers, can adapt the text from your source code into a variety of other languages and ensure the software retains its look and feel. We combine our understanding of the language and its cultural differences with our computer software engineering expertise to provide a revised product that is both true to the original and easily understood by users in the target language.

ABC Translations provides a full range of software localization services. We can localize your products and software applications into any language to help you successfully enter the international market. Our process ensures that after localization all software functions as expected while being linguistically and culturally relevant to your new end users.

Software localization is divided into several separate and distinct workflows, user interface localization, help files, and technical documentation, etc. are carried out separately. However, these separate processes must also be coordinated and utilized to make the final product to maximize cost savings, faster time to market and maintain exactly the same.

ABC Translations uses industry best practices and cutting-edge technology to assist in the various steps of the software localization process, and automate when feasible. From the initial identification and extraction of localized elements to rebuild and final test multilingual version, we can guarantee the quality of each step of the software localization process.

Allow any audience worldwide to fully understand your software and applications

Software Localization includes translation of text found in software applications and adjustment of functional elements, so that the product can be used by consumers around the world. ABC Translations provides excellent localization methods and the most advanced technology to ensure that your software is ready to enter the global market.Through the application of localization, you can properly handle the cultural nuances, thereby enhancing confidence and creating a better overall customer experience. With ABC Translations localization services applications, you can seize the opportunity to enter the international market.

Our software localization methods

In software localization, best practice is defined by the meaning of the original content and proper user interface conversion from one language to another language, while maintaining its integrity. The overarching principles of software localization are meant to be applied to a variety of different types of software products (desktop software, web application, and mobile applications), but in order to ensure the highest level of service, ABC Translations uses special methods for each type of application. Similarly, each of our software translation projects also uses a unique method to meet specific goals. Here are some steps that localization projects typically contain:

  • Localization is designed to take preparatory measures to ensure that your source language software functionality has been fully prepared, that it can be localized and published in the international market.
  • Translation software text strings are translated by professional translators, and all the text within the software is localized.
  • Complete output using localized text files to generate a high integrity new language version.
  • Rigorous testing of localized software to ensure language quality, and application appearance and function.

Industry-leading software specialists and language experts work closely together to provide software translation services. We have established partnerships to meet even the most highly specific needs, and you have the ability to take full advantage of all of our services include consulting, project management, text translation, and development and testing, including ongoing support.

Software Localization Process

UI-oriented design software localization

To get the best results through the localization process, this section describes the best practices for designing localized user interface (UI). As a language service provider, ABC Translations translates user interface strings; but the developer is necessary to eliminate anomalies in the source language expression, to avoid awkward conversion of the target language. When preparing for the localization, with the UI make sure there is enough space, and uses the Unicode standard to ensure character support. After taking these measures in account, we can begin the next step in the localization process.

ABC Translations will help you through consulting and ongoing support for development. By analyzing your software architecture or code, we will provide feedback and propose changes to ensure that the localization process proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Translation of software text strings

When manipulating UI strings in localization, we use the most vetted method for consistency, that is, we use translation memory (TM), which is a tool that you can use to store text from both the source and target languages. Then our translators reference the TM in order to ensure consistency throughout the translation of your software. The objective here is to ensure consistency with the terminology and abide by string length limitations.Typically, during the software localization process we need to translate the following elements: UI, documentation, online help, and user-generated content from forums, as well as support content.

Traditional ABC translation software will aid professionals responsible for translation, design and testing as they perform their part of the localization process. ABC Translations includes support for web application, mobile application, and desktop software localization. To learn more about ABC traditional methods, please contact us for a free consultation.

Localized files are used to generate compiled software

Software is generated by compiling the source code into executable code so that the finished product operates normally. The development process uses the localized string file after the translation is complete. After localized applications are built, it is necessary to make some adjustments for certain changes. Common UI elements are adjusted to accommodate text compression or expansion since string length is rarely equal between two languages. For examples, Spanish is typically 20% longer than English. These changes may mean that the length of the string in the user interface will be affected, and the buttons and other UI elements will need to be resized. These steps can be handled in-house, or outsourced to ABC Translations.

Software and application testing

During the localization process, after translating the user interface elements and examining target language accuracy, the software’s accuracy and functionality are tested. ABC Translations uses native speakers of the language to test software, thus ensuring accurate localization of language and proper functionality that remain faithful to the software developer’s original intent.

We will perform tests to determine if there are problems with the visual layout. In addition, we will perform functional testing to confirm whether the product performs and is displayed properly in the target language on the systems used in the target population. Operating systems and browsers can vary widely. Your localized software with function and appear as intended (even for those who use old version of Internet Explorer!).

Local Languages and their Requirements

When language changes require interface adjustments, we can incorporate those into the finished product. We handle all aspects of localization, including:

  • Translation of resource and help files
  • Modifications to accommodate expansion of text, (such as resizing of dialogue boxes or on-screen buttons)
  • Assignment of hot keys
  • Editing of bitmaps
  • Date, time, and currency formats
  • Field length restrictions
  • Coding and font issues
  • Modifications for double-byte characters in Japanese, Chinese and Korean
  • Foreign-language and functionality testing
  • Platforms supported: Windows, DOS, UNIX and Macintosh

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