Spanish Document Translation Services

Industry Leading Spanish Translations.

ABC Translations provides linguistically fluent, technically accurate and culturally appropriate Spanish document translation services for leading companies in the engineering, medical, financial, technical, legal, automotive, energy, IT, and manufacturing sectors, among others. We help you turn your document translation spend into a strategic investment for rapid global growth everywhere Spanish is spoken.

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We deliver reliable and professional Spanish translations fast

Backed by ISO 9001 quality certification and industry-leading Spanish document translation solutions, ABC Translations helps the world’s leading companies deliver Spanish technical information to their international clients and partners. We employ thousands of professional Spanish linguists and subject-matter experts specializing in almost every major industry to deliver linguistically fluent and technically accurate Spanish document translations on time and within budget. We understand all aspects of the document localization process and we use the latest technology tools to deliver unparalleled Spanish translations for all file formats, including MS Word documents, single-source FrameMaker files, QuarkXpress, DITA CMS, InDesign IDML and Madcap Flare.

Efficient Spanish Translations

ABC Translations has redefined the professional document translation process with its state-of-the-art online Spanish language localization model. No need to wait more than 24 hours to receive a quote for a Spanish document translation – simply drag and drop your documents into the online portal and you’ll receive a quote within hours, if not immediately. Once approved, pre-approved Spanish linguists will start translating immediately, and ABC Translations leverages translation memory and Spanish terminology management to ensure you always get the most accurate Spanish translation at a competitive price. Whatever document you need translated – product user guides, technical documents, commercial contracts, training manuals, financial, medical, or legal documents – we have the expertise and master-class Spanish language skills to provide you with the best Spanish localization service 24 hours a day.


Unmatched Spanish Translation Speed and Accuracy


ABC Translations has one of the largest cloud-based terminology management systems in the world, with nearly a million Spanish terms in all major industry sectors and all dialects of Spanish. Terminology management ensures that our Spanish linguists consistently and accurately translate terms that are critical to the meaning of your technical content. In addition, we employ the best professional Spanish linguists with extensive expertise to handle all your document translation projects.


The digital economy has fundamentally changed the speed at which customers expect results. Document translation speed is no longer measured in weeks or months. Instead, Spanish translations are now expected in days or even hours. Document sizes are getting smaller and smaller, and agile and iterative development methods are taking center stage. This means that Spanish document translation services need to be flexible to deliver timely, always-on language solutions that meet today’s digital translation requirements, and ABC Translations has developed cloud-based Translation Memory Management (TM) capabilities that enable faster document translation in a fraction of the time it takes a traditional TMS system to leverage and process translations. Our highly automated, AI-driven Spanish language localization workflow eliminates unnecessary manual touchpoints associated with the old translation model and enables greater efficiency. ABC Translations helps clients reach Spanish-speaking global markets at an unprecedented pace.

Spanish Translation Files

Spanish medical document translation

ABC Translations provides document translation services that adhere to ISO standards for leading companies in the life sciences industry, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare. Our company translates a wide range of medical documents in Spanish, including medical device instruction manuals, clinical protocols and medical training manuals. Our highly streamlined Spanish document translation solutions automatically process content developed with leading technical authoring tools such as Microsoft Word, QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, InDesign and Google Docs to maximize localization efficiency. Our automation is designed for Spanish medical document translation, which includes, in addition to text translation, screen capture and image localization.

Spanish Financial document translation services

ABC Translations helps leading financial services companies translate technical documents accurately and quickly from English into Spanish. We have thousands of professionally trained native Spanish speakers and subject-matter experts who specialize in translating nearly all types of financial documents, including bank statements, balance sheets, annual reports to investors, shareholder reports, accounting documents, financial training manuals and more. In addition to our financial document translation services, ABC Translations can format translated documents into any language. We also offer professional Spanish desktop publishing (DTP) services.

Spanish translation of legal documents

Does your international law firm or corporate legal department need Spanish legal document translation services into or from English, Chinese, German, Japanese or Ukrainian? You’ve found the perfect partner for all your Spanish legal document translation and localization needs. With legal experts in English and Spanish and industry-leading translation technology, ABC Translations always delivers high-quality Spanish legal translations in a competitive manner, whether it’s patent documents, litigation support materials, commercial contracts, privacy policies, GDPR compliance, or any other type of document.

Spanish editing

ABC Translations uses a wide range of computer editing tools, including Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Word and MS PowerPoint, to ensure that translated documents into Spanish or from Spanish are as good as the original, and formatted to look professional. Our experienced DTP specialists are familiar with international typography and layout conventions. From marketing brochures, posters and catalogs to promotional materials, we offer both low-resolution PDFs for electronic delivery and high-resolution PDFs for printing.

Quality assurance for Spanish document translations

ABC Translations uses only experienced, professional, native speaking Spanish translators for all Spanish document translation projects. Each document translation project is carefully reviewed to ensure the highest level of linguistic quality and technical accuracy. We use several industry benchmarks to measure the quality of our translations. ABC Translations was the first company in the localization industry to introduce fast-feedback translator accountability when gives our clients the ability to implement a translator performance evaluation.

ABC Translations is also supported by TermWiki Pro, the world’s largest multilingual terminology management system, with millions of previously translated terms in over 1700 fields and subject areas, including Spanish. Our domain expertise and proven localization processes ensure the most accurate Spanish translation results, whether it’s healthcare, IT, telecommunication, finance, legal, manufacturing, in the energy sector.

Spanish document translation using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has emerged as the leading technical writing tool, being widely used by technical writers and document managers to produce user manuals and instruction manuals, ABC Translations’ translation management system is designed to ensure the most efficient workflow for Spanish localization. It can handle all versions of Word documents (.doc and .docx, including domain-conditioned text) We have extensive experience in producing TOCs (Table of Contents) and localized directories, as well as graphics and screenshots.

Spanish translation of InDesign files

ABC Translations handles all versions of Adobe InDesign files and translates them into Spanish to accommodate professional translations and localizations. Our translation tools dynamically extract text content from InDesign (IDML) files, and they can use existing Spanish translation memories and terminology, allowing professional Spanish translators to confidently translate your technical documents with the highest level of linguistic accuracy, consistency and localization speed. ABC Translations offers a competitive, high-quality DTP services for localized InDesign files – simply upload your InDesign file and we’ll provide you with an instant translation quote.

Spanish translation of Google Docs

Google Docs allows multiple team members to work together in real-time to create and edit shared documents and easily manage them in an online environment. Today, more and more companies need Spanish document localization services, including translations for Google Docs projects, and because ABC Translations also uses a web- and mobile-enabled online translation platform, it can be used on both desktop and mobile. Thanks to the highest localization efficiency for both types of Spanish translations, we offer the ideal solution for Google Docs Spanish translation – just drag and drop your Google Docs file or send a link, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Spanish translation of InDesign files

ABC Translations handles all versions of Adobe InDesign files and translates them into Spanish to accommodate professional translations and localizations. Our translation tools dynamically extract text content from InDesign (IDML) files, and they can use existing Spanish translation memories and terminology, allowing professional Spanish translators to confidently translate your technical documents with the highest level of linguistic accuracy, consistency and localization speed. ABC Translations offers a competitive, high-quality DTP services for localized InDesign files – simply upload your InDesign file and we’ll provide you with an instant translation quote.

Spanish localization of FrameMaker files

Adobe FrameMaker was the de facto standard for enterprise technical authors before the recent popularity of XML authoring. FrameMaker offers a range of authoring features, including structured content and single-source content development. ABC Translations offers a complete Spanish translation solution for localizing FrameMaker files into not just Spanish, but all Asian and European languages.

Spanish translation of Madcap Flare documents

Do you use Madcap Flare for your documentation? We have perhaps the most experience with Madcap Flare in the industry.  We can handle Flare files directly or use the output generated by Madcap Lingo. Contact us today for a custom Spanish translation solution for Madcap Flare.

DITA XML Spanish translation

XML authoring has become the industry standard for business document development, and the DITA XML system takes a theme-based approach to content authoring, maximizing content reuse and significantly reducing subsequent translation and localization costs compared to traditional authoring tools. In addition, DITA XML files use standard HTML code to format content, allowing companies to reduce DTP costs. ABC Translations processes XML files to translate them into Spanish. In addition, there is a translation API that can be integrated directly into your CMS system, allowing you to fully automate your Spanish document translation workflow.

Spanish translation with a CMS system

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow for more efficient management of the entire lifecycle of technical information development: website content, printed materials, downloadable PDF files and other files are all managed by CMS tools to make technical information available to customers when they need it. More and more companies are using CMS systems for the Spanish translation and localization of their content, and ABC Translations has experience working with clients using a variety of CMS systems. We also offer a fully automated Spanish translation process with third-party CMS systems. Contact our sales department today for a customized solution for your CMS Spanish translation needs.

Spanish localization of online help

ABC Translations is the language industry leader in high-quality online Spanish translation and localization help systems. ABC Translations has translated many help files for various software products, including context-sensitive help, and has translated and localized nearly every help file on the market, including tools that can produce content in online help and as printed PDF files. In addition to Spanish translation, ABC Translations also provides localized help testing services for clients to ensure that help translated into Spanish is fully functional on the localized operating system platform. If you need a quote for the Spanish translation of an online help file, please contact us.

Spanish translation services for ISO 9001 certified documents

ABC Translations is a translation company that provides high quality certified Spanish translations for a wide range of technical documents including user manuals, financial contracts, support systems, legal documents, training manuals, IFU and more. Our first-class language quality assurance process is backed by ISO standards and years of experience in the translation industry.

We help the world’s leading companies translate their technical documentation into Spanish, quickly, accurately and at competitive prices.

Our Spanish language and subject-matter experts understand the needs of your industry and deliver linguistically fluent and technically accurate Spanish translations every time.

Our industry-leading online localization workflow automates the Spanish document translation process and provides the fastest document translation service that is required to function smoothly in today’s digital economy.

We offer free, instant, online Spanish document translation quotes, giving you faster turnaround times and no more waiting to find out how much your document translation project will cost.

We support translation memory management (TM) in the cloud, so you don’t have to translate the same sentences twice, improving linguistic consistency and reducing translation costs.

Our top-shelf document translation service that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so your Spanish document translation requirements are always met with the highest level of professionalism, wherever and whenever you need them.

Accurate Spanish Translations

Our highly qualified professional Spanish translators, native speakers and multilingual support specialists understand the importance of linguistic and technical accuracy for your Spanish document translation needs. By combining powerful terminology management solutions with ABC Translations’ unique multilingual document processing technology, we are proud to provide ultra-fast, top-quality Spanish document translations 24 hours a day for the world’s leading brands including IBM, Google, Jaguar, and Disney.

ABC Translations greatly simplifies the document translation process, allowing documents to be translated into Spanish with quality and speed at a fraction of the cost of other translation companies.

ABC Translations provides fast and professional document translation services by following these steps:

  1. Document upload: Upload the file and specify the target language. Drag your document files (MS Word, QuarkXpress, InDesign, PowerPoint, FrameMaker) into the ABC Go! online translation portal. You can also send your files by email or via a file transfer site. Specify your target language and field/subject (first time only, the system will remember your preferences).
  2. Translation Progress:  Check the status of your translation in real time, online or on your smartphone.
  3. Download translation materials: You can immediately download your translated manuscript online.

TMs, Quotes, Translators, DTP

ABC Translation’s TMS (Translation Memory System) automatically extracts the text from your document to provides you with a real-time Spanish translation quotes using your existing Spanish translation memory.

Review the dynamically generated quote and complete the project. First-time customers will need to specify a payment method.

ABC Translations will assign a pre-approved Spanish translator with appropriate subject-matter expertise to begin the translation. Online terminology management is supported to ensure that your documents are translated with linguistic consistency and technical accuracy.

ABC Translations provides post-processing and multilingual DTP to ensure that your translated documents in Spanish are in a professional publishing format.

Download translated manuscripts at the touch of a button.

ABC Translations automatically saves your translation so you never have to translate the same text twice, saving you time and money.

Documents we translate

ABC Translations translates all manner of documents, including Microsoft Word, PDFs, QuarkXPress, InDesign, FrameMaker, XML and PowerPoint. Projects that often entail Spanish translation include:

  • Annual reports
  • Financial statements
  • Informed consent documents
  • Instructions for use
  • Legal contracts
  • License agreements
  • Localizing online help
  • Patents
  • Personnel manuals
  • Policy manuals
  • Product guides
  • Reference manuals
  • Regulatory registration
  • Training and e-learning materials
  • Translation of business documents
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Translation of product brochures
  • Translation of user manuals