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Spanish Translation and Localization

Domestic market sales typically reach their growth limits, which is why marketing your products in Spanish-speaking markets in the U.S. and abroad is an attractive option. Doing so opens up new ways to increase your sales revenues, and leads to sought-after revenue increases.

Regardless of your product or industry, translating or localizing your products into Spanish often becomes an unavoidable necessity once you start selling internationally.

Spanish translation becomes a must for large global companies whose international sales often account for more than half of their total sales. They often need to go further and develop versions for their products that are specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of Spanish-speaking customers.

Even smaller, fast-growing companies that have just started selling their products abroad will find that localization of their products and related documentation into Spanish is essential for a successful market entry.

Spanish Language Solutions

We offer a complete Spanish language solution covering the full range of services for a fast, efficient, and cost-effective launches of a localized product and content with the required quality.

ABC Translations is proud to have been involved in bringing new technologies, new products and new content to millions of Spanish language users worldwide. These include end users in both large and small economies, but equally in emerging markets, as well as consumers who speak minority languages besides Spanish. We help them preserve and develop their cultural identity. Every year through Spanish translation or localization we process millions of words of content.

In addition, all content handled by ABC Translations is secured and kept private.

We most commonly translate and localize following document types into Spanish:

  • Software user interfaces
  • Product documentation (online or in print)
  • user assistance, help systems
  • Marketing documents
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Websites and other online content and applications
  • Customer and product support documentation
  • Multimedia, audio and video
  • Graphics and art
  • eLearning and training materials
  • Industry-specific documentation, such as user manuals or patient information brochures in life sciences

Translation Services

Spanish translation and localization services that enable clients to enter Spanish-speaking markets with multilingual products, content, and websites. These services include technical translation, software localization, multimedia localization, website globalization, and specialized machine translation and post-editing.

Localization Services

We offer professional Spanish language services that cover all the essential operations that multimedia content goes through from development to final publication. These services include language quality assurance, terminology management, Spanish DTP, internationalization, and Spanish content development services.

Language Quality Services

Our quality assurance services are designed to give clients confidence in the linguistic quality of content translated into Spanish. These services function as an independent quality control and review body against predefined standards set by the industry or the client. These stand-alone Spanish language services are provided as independent linguistic reviews to ensure standardized quality assurance for translated content, regardless of who provided the original translation.

Spanish Content Development

ABC Translations develops international content for Spanish clients and consumers that is equally suitable for websites, training materials, graphic design, and technical or marketing documentation. This range of services is especially important given the fact that most companies face the challenge of keeping up with highly competitive marketplace while keeping international production and sales teams informed of the latest status of oft-changing product ranges.

The outsourced content Spanish language creation, development, and localization processes have evolved considerably over the years, but in most cases these processes have been brought to maturity separately. Lead times to deploying content in Spanish have shortened and resource flows have throttled. In this environment, the need to save costs, resources, and time is more compelling than at any time previously.

Ideally, organizations are supported in delivering a fully localized Spanish language solution, as well as content that is published in the usual way, by integrating the content development and localization processes. With this integration, Spanish content can be developed from the ground up to target an international and local audience resulting in meaningful benefits throughout the content lifecycle.

Our Spanish content development services include the following key components:

  • Help and documentation development
  • Website and intranet content development
  • Marketing collateral development
  • Development of training materials
  • Web-based Internet training development
  • Process analysis and design
  • Art direction and packaging design

Spanish Desktop Publishing

Our dedicated Spanish language DTP team has years of experience in desktop publishing (DTP), dating back to 2002. It handles many thousands of pages of documents in Spanish. This team is tasked with creating localized online or print-ready documents in that accurately reflect the original, while adhering to the linguistic and typographical standards of Spanish.

Desktop publishing is often one of the final stages of a typical Spanish translation project, and one that puts the finishing touches on localized documents. No matter how good the translation quality, even a minor layout or spelling error can have a profound impact on the user’s perception of the product or brand. This is especially so with high-impact document material such as Spanish language marketing communications, advertising, or packaging.

In other cases, the outcome of multilingual DTP can directly impact regulatory approval processes and the eventual use of a product. For example, if your locale of interest is in Spain, for example, an incorrectly placed decimal separator in prescribed dosage information can have fatal consequences. Product recalls and even liability lawsuits can arise if a problem with a medical device or pharmaceutical product is linked to ambiguous information or user instructions. This means that the step of Spanish desktop publishing should not be underestimated at all.

  • Generation of PostScript and PDF files for online and printed publications
  • DTP quality assurance checks
  • Creation and maintenance of Spanish language DTP and spelling guidelines
  • Creation of templates and document designs for generating online or printed PDF output
  • Content extraction for Spanish translations from any DTP application or format
  • Content extraction for translations when editable original source material is not available
  • Design and implementation of single source solutions
  • Migration of authoring applications to structured XML-centric processes based on standards such as DocBook or DITA

Spanish Project Management

Efficient project management can have the greatest impact on the successful execution of Spanish localization projects. Project management is often cited as one of the top three factors that our clients place the greatest importance on. Successful project management is characterized by the integration of numerous very different activities, in-house and external Spanish language project teams, and input and output values focused on a single goal, for example, to deliver localized Spanish language products that meet the specified quality criteria, on time, and on budget. Our Spanish translation, localization, and DTP customers agree that ABC Translations excels in this area. Every project manager at ABC Translations meets the stringent requirements for this position set by some of the world’s most demanding clients.

Our project managers

Thanks to extensive production experience coupled with specific project management training, the project managers who direct Spanish language services have a deep understanding of the complex management of their projects and how to bring them to fruition. This is the reason why our clients trust ABC to reliably handle Spanish translation, localization, and DTP projects. If you have in-house resources, our teams become external extensions of your own in-house teams.

Terminology Management

Just like content, terminology is an essential organizational component. Effective terminology management contributes significantly to the quality and consistency of the final Spanish content your organization produces. Furthermore, good terminology management for Spanish content can result in significant cost and time savings because rework is eliminated, additional correction cycles and quality assurance steps are obviated, and localization turnaround time is often dramatically reduced.

In many organizations, the amount of content in Spanish being developed is increasing exponentially, and existing Spanish translations are becoming increasingly easier to prepare and repurpose. The current use of translation tools and technologies such as content management systems means that often only the newly developed sections of large documents are commissioned for translation, and several Spanish translators can work on them in parallel. The rest of the document translation takes advantage of existing archived translations. These facts make proper terminology management even more important than ever, because maintaining linguistic consistency when merging the previously translated content with the new content is essential.

To help companies take full advantage of efficient terminology management, we offer the following range of services:

  • Linguistic evaluation of existing localization glossaries
  • Creation of new glossaries or updating of existing ones
  • Terminology extraction and translation
  • Terminology management and maintenance and ongoing editing
  • Advice on the use of industry-specific standard glossaries for individual target markets
  • Terminology management tools and online terminology sharing
  • Creation, review and updating of linguistic style guides
  • Online handling of queries for localization projects
  • Maintenance of translation archives
  • Development of a customer-oriented Spanish terminology process

Spanish Website Localization

Website localization enables companies to achieve significant returns on their investments in infrastructure, content development, engineering, and marketing activities. The primary goal of successful website localization is to provide easy access to the site’s content and functionality for Spanish-speaking visitors from target markets.

Localized sites result in higher traffic and therefore a higher likelihood of website users staying on the site and ultimately fulfilling the site’s primary objective, such as marketing, providing information, or making online purchases.

Web content should not simply be translated into Spanish, but appropriately localized for the specific Spanish-speaking market in question. We help you prepare for Spanish-speaking markets with the following services:

  • Web content translation and adaptation
  • Translation of user interfaces for web applications
  • Graphic localization
  • Website internationalization
  • Testing of localized websites
  • Management of maintenance and updates of multilingual websites

ABC Translations assesses the requirements for Spanish web localization based on the technology used to manage your web content and publish your website, the type of web content to be localized, and the ongoing requirements for updating and maintaining your site. This information can then be used to create and implement a Spanish localization plan.

Best practices for localization into Spanish

In our experience, the following key areas influence the success of any Spanish software localization project:

Linguistic idiosyncrasies

The translation portion of localization is performed by our native Spanish language teams; they are subject matter experts in handling specific linguistically and terminologically complex tasks.


We work with a wide range of standard localization industry and proprietary tools, and we use automation to increase Spanish localization efficiency wherever possible.


Testing is handled by our specialized Testing and Engineering division. This division ensures the functional and linguistic quality of the Spanish product before its launch. In our nearshore and offshore testing centers, we offer numerous testing procedures that a product must undergo with respect to its localization.

Software Localization Engineering

Software localization engineering is a critical component of any Spanish localization project. It includes the following important steps: software analysis, build engineering, debugging, and scripting.


ABC Translations masters all graphics formats and scripts for creating high-quality localized versions in Spanish. Taking screenshots, that is, the pictorial representation of the localized user interface, is a place where automation plays an essential role and where an automated process can lead to significant reductions in cost.

Desktop Publishing

Printed or online documentation or web content localized for Spanish speakers must be adapted to produce the required layout, with all the technical and cultural modifications necessary for proper presentation to international end users.

Quality. For each phase of a Spanish localization project, the appropriate steps must be taken to ensure good quality. We take great care to ensure that all Spanish project phases undergo a rigorous and detailed quality assurance process.

Key elements of Spanish localization best practices

ABC Translations is a process-oriented company where project management plays a key role in the integration of all localization processes and tasks. We exercise the utmost care in selecting, training, and evaluating our project management staff and adhere to Structured Project Management methodology with a focus on planning, risk management, and delivery.

A critical part of the methodology that each of our project managers keeps in mind is what we call the Project Success Coefficient (PSC). that is, the project success indicator. This indicator is used to track the key components of a successful project; the indicator shows whether projects can be delivered on time, are on budget, and meet our customers’ quality expectations. If this is not the case, appropriate corrective actions can be taken immediately.

The technical expertise of ABC Translations’ project managers includes:

  • Planning-Implementation and Risk Analysis
  • Project scheduling
  • Leading kick-off meetings – internal and external
  • Employee motivation
  • Problem solving and tracking
  • Budgeting and change order tracking
  • Detailed status reporting
  • Final project analysis and improvement recommendations

Testing and Engineering

Software product testing and engineering services that ensure Spanish language products meet the functional and language requirements of local end users, whether they are in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, or even bilinguals in the U.S. These services include localization, internationalization, functional or linguistic testing, and specialized test automation and Spanish software localization engineering services.

We handle the Spanish translation of products and content from a wide range of industries, with specialized experience in software and IT and life sciences, including medical and pharmaceutical, telecommunications, industrial manufacturing, and consumer electronics.

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