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When you entrust your translation to us, it’s in good hands. Our Spanish translation division is perhaps the largest and most productive in the world. For more than 20 years we have successfully delivered thousands of Spanish translations of all sizes, from huge projects for Fortune 500 companies to love letters for individuals, and songs for artists. We are especially proud of our long tradition of excellence in Spanish translation services. We are pleased to provide you with the best Spanish translations the market provides.
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Increasing relevance of Spanish abroad and in the United States

  • The demand for Spanish translations has increased ten-fold over the last decade. The increasing relevance of Spanish cannot be understated, whether you have an English language business or a Spanish language business looking to market in the United States.
  • There is also a surge in the request for Spanish website translation services. Formally known as web localization, our Spanish translators, support linguists, web technology engineers, and graphic artists (who understand the various cultural expectations of different Spanish Internet users) collaborate to provide some of the industry’s most comprehensive Spanish website localization services.
  • Companies that offer advertising copy, document translation and collateral translations in Spanish are ahead of their competitors. Recent advertising trends in major cities have alarmed some English speakers because Spanish seems to be encroaching on what was formally English-only media. It is not unusual to see an ad in Spanish on an English TV station or an advertisement in Spanish in an English magazine.
  • The Hispanic population in U.S. is expected to reach 106 million in 2050, roughly double what it is today. The Census Bureau now projects the Hispanic immigrant population will grow by 57% between 2020 to 2050

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Full Suite of Spanish Translation and Localization Services

We started as a Spanish translation company dedicated to providing exceptional Spanish translations to happy customers. That tradition lives strong at ABC.
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Spanish Document Translations
Whether you have business, marketing, finance, or legal documents to translate into or from Spanish, we can help.
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Spanish Website Localization
We combine exceptionally skilled Spanish translators with skilled engineers to adapt you website or app so that you communicate seamlessly to you Spanish-speaking clients.
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Spanish Technical Translations
We regularly handle some of the most complex technical and scientific Spanish translation projects in the industry.
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Spanish Medical Translations
For over 20 years ABC has been delivering medical and life sciences translations to companies and organizations around the world.
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Spanish at ABC

Industry leaders entrust ABC with their most exacting Spanish translations because they have learned from experience that we deliver on time, on budget, and adhere to the industry’s highest quality standards – without exception.

We are able to meet our clients’ objectives with uncommon agility by using a proprietary project management system that leverages the latest technology to seamlessly connect Project Managers, in-situ Spanish linguists, engineers, and Quality Assurance professionals.

Your Translation Team

Senior Project Manager

At the head of your Spanish translation project is one of ABC Translations’ most experienced professionals: the Senior Project Manager. Your Spanish Language Project Manager works within our project management system to harmonize the functions of every member that converges on your translation project. Your Project Manager will be experienced in localization and related technologies, your business subject, and global corporate maneuvering in Spain and Latin America.

Our Senior Project Managers hold MAs and PhD’s, and many write for business and academic journals.

Spanish Translators and Linguists

Our Spanish Translators and Linguists are at the top of their game. ABC employs only the best. Of the hundreds of applicants we receive each month, only a few qualify to work for ABC. Our translators must be prepared and experienced. At minimum, our translators hold university degrees, industry-recognized certifications, and at least five years of continuous, full-time translation experience.

Our linguists are true linguists in the academic sense: they hold post-graduate degrees in Linguistics. Some are university professors and recognized scholars. They play a crucial role at ABC. Our linguists head the Quality Assurance Escalation Teams.

Both our translators and linguists are afforded the latest technology including Spanish dictionary and terminology databases, translation memory tools (Trados, Catalyst, SDLX, Multilizer, or client specified), style guides, and project histories.

The Quality Assurance Escalation Team (QaE): Spanish Division

There is a direct relation between Quality Assurance and your project’s success. Although you may not be able to determine without hiring a third party specialist such as GoMediaVoice, your readers will detect flawed translations. But what is considered an excellent Spanish translation?

According to our 2020 head of QaE, Miguel Antonio Ibarra Martí, the best Spanish translations are both linguistically and culturally correct. By “culture” he refers to the conventional notion of one’s culture AND the professional culture in which the readers of your Spanish translation function. A good translation, he adds, “In the case of Spanish technical and business translation, a good translation respects the integrity and intelligence of highly educated Spanish professionals.” With that objective in mind, ABC Translations implemented an Escalation Team to verify that the Spanish translations you receive are the best the industry can provide.

Getting the Best Spanish Translation

What is considered “perfect” depends on the subjective evaluation of the authority figure who reviews your translation. At ABC we do not believe in “perfect” translations, but we do believe in delivering localization products that are as close to zero-defect as possible. To those ends, we pass your project through as many qualified experts as the project demands. Highly technical Spanish documentation may require more attention than Spanish e-mail translation. We customize your project to find the most efficient route for your Spanish translation while preserving quality, and we pass those savings on to you.

Easy-to-use Spanish Localization Solutions

“Spanish localization” refers to Spanish text translation AND adaptation of graphics, layout, and other cultural and functional considerations. While our project management system is indeed complex, our services are easy to use.

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