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Technical translations require a technically competent and precise translation of technical terms in order to understand processes and functionalities. Dangerous situations, for example when operating machinery, can thus be avoided. The comprehensibility of the texts must also be ensured. This is one more reason why all our translations of technical texts are always done by experienced and reliable native-speaker linguists who also know the specifics of the regional target group and can adapt the texts accordingly. With our technical translation company, you too can ensure that the documents of your engineers and experts are translated in a professional and comprehensible manner.

ABC Translations specializes in the translation of technical, finance, engineering, medical and industrial documents. Our combination of experience, absolute technical accuracy, language expertise and proven quality procedures ensure that the technical translations we produce conform to even the most exacting standards in the industry. Our technical translators and engineers hold MS and PhD degrees in agriculture, aerospace, biomedical science, chemical engineering, construction engineering, electronics, environmental studies, information technology, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications. When contract with ABC, you are contracting with some of the the most highly qualified language experts and scientists in the world.

Quality Assurance

ABC Translations respects the fact that our technical translation clients place us in a position of trust. Unlike many other services, the quality of technical translation language services is hard to verify without hiring an impartial quality assurance company to inspect your multilingual products.

Our Quality Assurance division is very active. Eighteen percent (18%) of our business comes from companies that suspect that their previous technical translation vendor(s) produced faulty or poor translations. Unfortunately, they do not realize there are problems until there are complaints from foreign language readers, or their reputation has already been damaged.

Technical Translation Company with Customer-Specific Terminology

To ensure that our native-speaker technical translators can handle your technical translations without errors, we only employ experienced and specialized experts for these projects who can demonstrate either a degree or relevant professional experience in the industry. For the consistent translation of technical terms, we use so-called translation memory systems. In addition, you can provide us with your own specific list of terms to be used. In this way, an individual translation memory can be created for each customer with the technical terms defined in advance. In this way, you can rely on error-free and consistent translation of technical texts that follow on from previous translation projects, even for follow-up orders. Follow-up projects are also always handled by the same technical translator. Many well-known companies from the mechanical engineering or IT sectors have already relied on our reliable and efficient approach to translating technical texts – discover some examples in our references.

Technical Translations in 160+ Languages

From operating instructions to extensive process descriptions – our specialized experts offer technical translations in many different language combinations. Thus, we not only reliably take care of the translation of technical texts into English, Spanish, Italian or Russian, but also enable professional translations from Arabic to Zulu. Common projects include:

Safety data sheets

Specialized technical translation

Test reports


Translations of Technical Content

Regardless of the content type, you can rely on our high-quality standards when translating technical content. Thus, our service portfolio includes the translation of many different text types, among others for:



Process descriptions

Product descriptions

Technical Translations and Globalization

With the globalization of companies, the demand for technical product information can increase tenfold. Ensuring the translation of technical specifications and guidelines into multiple languages can be very difficult, especially if the right experts are not available.

Technical translation services are a specialized process that involves the translation of documents prepared by technical writers, or more specifically, texts related to technical subjects. In short, texts related to the practical application of scientific or technological information. Technical translation services cover the translation of many kinds of specialized documents that require a high level of knowledge and a mastery of the most relevant terminology and conventions of writing. Our technical translators are familiar with this specialized terminology thanks to their academic training and extensive experience in the respective subject areas.

We translate texts in the fields of:

  • Aeronautics
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Machinery
  • Electronics
  • Process Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Office equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Mining
  • Laboratory instruments
  • Oil and gas
  • Tools and automation

We also provide translations in many other fields. If you would like a more detailed list, or to find out if we can handle your documents, please feel free to contact us directly via the e-mail link below.

Technical Terminology

The key to a technical translation is consistency in the use of the correct terminology. To develop a project, the project manager assigned to the project will establish a glossary that includes, in addition to technical terms specific to the industry sector in question, those that are specific to your company. A technical translation depends very much on the uniformity with which this terminology is used, and not only on its grammatical correctness. Translators must attach importance to technical terms, abbreviations and conventions, behind which the full meaning of the document is hidden.

Translation Memories

The use of translation memories not only leads to a better translation, but also saves money over time. Technical translations need to be updated very often, so you only need to update revisions.

In-house translators with technical knowledge

From a production description for a lab-on-a-chip to translating a website for fire extinguishers. Our in-house team of highly educated technical translators has experience with this. They guarantee the quality according to our ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certifications and are good at thinking along technical lines. You know your own organization like no other.

If we do have a question about a text, we will contact you. However, this rarely happens, because the text is translated by an experienced native speaker. They are best able to translate the text in the right tone of voice and keep the technical context.

A Reliable Technical Translation Company

ABC Translations has extensive experience in translating for technical companies. We are the fixed translation partner for organizations that are active in, for example, the metal industry, automotive, electrical engineering and the maritime sector. These companies choose us as their preferred technical translation agency because of our accurate translations and our ability to meet deadlines. For many of our clients, consistent application of technical jargon is very important. We achieve this by using translation memories. A translation memory is an application (not a translation machine) that facilitates the translator in showing previously translated words.

Technical translation: definition and challenges

Technical translation is a vast field that does not only encompass the technological domain. It concerns all sectors that use specific terminology. There are at least 25 fields that use technical translations. Among the best known are

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Computers
  • Science

But these are not the only sectors concerned. Other fields such as engineering, food processing, construction and marketing are also covered by technical translation.

The stakes involved in technical translation are enormous. Translations intended for the general public already require precautions to be taken, but a translation becomes decisive, even vital, and leaves no margin for error when it involves technical subjects such as law, science or medicine.

Technical translation is also a major challenge for business development. To export and conquer new markets abroad, organizations need more than ever to have their content translated into different languages. And this is true regardless of the specificity and technicality of their documents.

By entrusting your translations to a technical translation agency, you can be sure that your content will be entrusted to professional translators, hand-picked for their skills and experience.

Entrust your translations to ABC Translations

For this type of translation, terminology is extremely important. In order to ensure consistency throughout the project, ABC Translations sets up a glossary and a translation memory, allowing each term to be translated in the same way.

Our technical linguists are selected according to your field of activity and have extensive knowledge of the sector and its specific jargon. They translate exclusively into their native language and have a perfect knowledge of the source language. We are aware of the importance of confidentiality of your data and all our translators are subject to a confidentiality agreement.

Our technical translation service offers you

  • The possibility of having a glossary compiled and validated for you in order to have total control over the terms used
  • Reactive project managers who will select the right technical translator for your project
  • A team of specialized technical translators who know their fields perfectly
  • The assurance of a quality technical translation, proofread and adapted to the target country
  • The ability to work in a variety of formats and a multilingual layout service

Most of our work consists of technical translations for the most diverse sectors of industry. Each sector has its own specialized and specific vocabulary, which we meticulously catalog and ensure is kept uniform at all times. To this end, ABC Translations works with specialized native speakers and has access to a wide range of resources, including an extensive library with terminology databases, specialized bibliographies, reference works, electronic dictionaries, glossaries and, of course, the Internet. Over twenty-eight years of experience in translating technical and often highly specialized texts is our guarantee. Ask for our technical translation fact sheet.

Most of the work we do consists of technical translations for the most diverse sectors of industry.

This group includes: technical manuals, product sheets, tender documentation, technical data sheets, project documentation, technical reports, expert reports, user interfaces, exploded diagrams, catalogs, etc.

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