Technical Translation Services

ABC Translations is proud to provide some of the most comprehensive technical translation services available anywhere in the world. Our teams of linguistic and subject matter experts specialize in engineering and scientific fields, ensuring that your technical documentation is translated with absolute consistency and precision. Using the latest in translation memory, terminology management, and real-time linguistic review technologies, our specialized teams deliver technical translations with an uncommon level of linguistic fluency and technical precision - in an language.

NASA astronaut using translated instructions to build space station
Successful localization of technical energy sector instructions of a light display.

Streamlining Technical Translation Services for Global Success

Are you looking for the most reliable and efficient language services company to translate your technical documentation with quality and speed? ABC Translations is your best choice. As the localization industry leader, we offer on-demand, high-quality technical translation services that help the world's top companies accelerate international success. Our team of professional native linguists and subject matter experts specializes in engineering and scientific fields, ensuring that your technical documentation is translated with the highest level of linguistic quality. With our next-gen translation management system, we leverage translation memory, online terminology, and real-time linguistic review technologies to consistently deliver accurate and efficient technical translations.

ABC Translations makes technical translation services easy and convenient with our user-friendly online platform. You can upload your product manuals to our translation portal, choose the target languages, and get an instant translation quote for your approval. Once you confirm, we assign your project to our qualified translators who have the right subject matter expertise. They use their linguistic skills and technical knowledge to translate your documents accurately and consistently. When they finish, you can download the translated documents with a simple click. 

Next-Generation Technical Translation Solutions for Maximum ROI

Technical translation services demand not only superb linguistic skills, but also robust localization processes and cutting-edge AI powered language technologies. ABC Translations delivers all of these and more with its smart, agile translation ecosystem that eliminates unnecessary human touch points and streamlines the technical translation workflow. For instance, ABC Translations harnesses translation memory to avoid duplicating translations and ensure linguistic consistency across languages. Moreover, our dynamic technical terminology management capabilities enable our expert linguists to verify terms in real time while they’re translating. And with ABC Translations revolutionary in-context review technology, translators can easily proofread translated content in context and spot any errors or inconsistencies right away. This results in faster, cheaper and higher-quality technical translation solutions that boost your ROI.

A person using advanced translation technology to streamline and improve the accuracy of technical document translations as shown on blue display.
An engineer checks pressure gauge in multiple languages to communicate effectively to engineers speaking different languages.

Technical Translation for Engineering

Engineering products are complex and require detailed technical documentation to explain their design specifications, system architecture, and product functions. When these products are deployed globally, their technical documents need to be translated accurately into different languages that are widely used by technology companies and customers around the world.

That's where ABC Translations comes in. We offer expert technical translation services for various engineering fields in over 100 languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Russian, and Arabic. Our team of professional native translators has the subject matter expertise to translate your technical documentation with high linguistic quality and consistency.

By relying on ABC Translations for your technical translation needs, you can rest assured that your technical documentation will be translated accurately and efficiently, no matter what language it needs to be translated into. We provide the expertise and quality you need to ensure that your technical products are understood and used effectively by customers around the world.

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Accelerate Content

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Next-Gen Technical Translation Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a radical transformation with new technologies such as CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) and industrial automation that enable lean, just-in-time, and rapid production processes. To succeed in this global market, it's essential to communicate effectively with your customers and regulators in different languages, such as English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Arabic, and Portuguese.

Additionally, you need to translate various technical documents such as manuals, specifications, patents, and contracts that describe your products' design, function, and quality. That's where ABC Translations comes in. As the language industry leader for next-gen technical translation solutions, we provide agile, on-demand, and flexible technical translation services for various manufacturing sectors in over 160 languages.

Winning Global Bids: The Critical Role of Translating Technical Documentation

Translating agreements, contracts, patent materials, and proposals for technology projects is crucial for companies looking to compete in the global marketplace. By doing so, they can communicate effectively with potential partners and customers in different countries and regions, thereby expanding their reach and increasing competition in the pre-bid solicitation process.

Moreover, having these documents translated into multiple languages ensures that their message is accurately conveyed to a wider audience, increasing their chances of winning bids and securing contracts in the global market.

Consider the example of a US company that has developed a new technology for renewable energy and wants to bid on a project to build a renewable energy plant in Germany. To participate in the pre-bid solicitation process, they need to submit various documents, including agreements, contracts, patent materials, and proposals.

An employee working at an international manufacturing plant with bilingual workers.

We help you engage international customers with translation solutions for all modes of communication.

The Importance of Dialect Usage and Style in Technical Translation

When it comes to technical translation, dialect usage and style are critical factors to consider. To illustrate the importance of dialect usage, consider a car manual that needs to be translated for a vehicle sold only in Japan. The technical translator must use the appropriate Japanese dialect and technical terms for that region to ensure that the manual is understood by its target audience. Failure to do so could lead to confusion and misinterpretation.

Let’s say a car manufacturer produces a car that is sold only in the Kansai region of Japan. The technical manual for this car needs to be translated into Japanese. In this case, it would be important for the technical translator to use the Kansai dialect and appropriate technical terms for that region. For instance, instead of using the standard Japanese word for "brake" (ブレーキ), the translator might use the Kansai dialect word (ブレーキやん). Failure to do so could lead to confusion and misinterpretation among the target audience in the Kansai region.

Similarly, style is essential in technical translation. Take for example a software company producing manuals. These manuals must be consistent in their use of terminology and formatting to enable users to navigate and understand the content with ease. Moreover, the company may opt for a specific writing style to ensure that the manuals are clear and easy to read, with a tone that is suitable for the intended audience. Maintaining a consistent style throughout the document is key to delivering a well-written technical document that is both informative and easy to understand.

contract on workbench.
Kansai dialect technical manual helped auto worker repair car.

Top-Quality Technical Translation Services Across Multiple Industries

At ABC Translations, we pride ourselves on being a leading technical translation company. Our team of experienced language professionals can provide our clients with top-quality translation services in a wide range of fields. These include Aerospace Technology, Agriculture, Automotive Translation, Aviation, Energy, Information Technology, Machinery, Manufacturing, Nano-materials and Robotics.

In addition to our expertise in these fields, we also have extensive experience translating many types of technical documents that apply to technology, science and engineering. Some of the most common documents we work on include Application Guides, Assembly Instructions, Installation Guides, Interface Guides, Machinery Manuals, Operations Manuals, Release Notes Technical Papers Training Materials and User Guides.