The 3 Biggest Challenges When Translating Legal Documents

Whether it is annual reports, contracts or other legal documents, translating legal documents is one of the biggest challenges for your business. You want the information in these documents to be correct, have an appropriate style and the points should comply with the legal system of the country where the target language is spoken. Our advice? Entrust your legal translations to our highly skilled legal translators.

What are our biggest challenges?

Terminology source language and target language. Using terminology correctly is a tricky part in legal documents. The terminology must be accurately transferred to the target language. There can be a big difference between the terminology used in Dutch and that used in the target language. Fortunately, our legal translators are well aware of this and can guide you through the entire process.

Insight into legal systems. The translator must be constantly aware of both legal systems and compare them while translating the documents. Every translation project is different and one translation project is more complex than the other. We put our best sworn and legal translators on your translation project. Translators who not only have an excellent understanding of the source and target language, but also the country’s legal system.

Additional requirements for a sworn translation. Some documents need to be accepted by the country’s legal bodies. In many cases legal documents must be sworn. These sworn translations must meet additional requirements compared to a standard legal translation. Examples include immigration documents, police or court statements, divorce decrees or extracts from a civil registry.

At ABC Translations we handle these challenges as a standard part of business. Fortunately, we have specialized teams of legal translators who are very experienced and can provide you with expert advice when translating your legal documents. Typical examples of legal documents are:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Financial documents
  • Contracts
  • Annual reports

Are you looking for the security of knowing your translations were done correctly and come with a guarantee?

Then go with ABC Translations. At ABC Translations you have the assurance that your legal documents will be translated by highly qualified legal translators. Our legal translators are able to apply jargon with the same finesse as lawyers. We follow strict ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 requirements when translating legal documents. For example, we require that each legal translation is checked by an experienced proofreader.

You can expect our translators to have:

  • An excellent command and depth of knowledge of the source and target languages
  • A robust working knowledge of the local legal systems involved
  • Deep experience in sworn and legal translations
  • Decades of proofreading experience when acting as second proofreaders
  • A commitment to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 protocols

Further, all translations are treated as private and confidential. All information and documents sent to ABC Translations are encrypted and locked for use by specific authorized individuals only.

Nathan Woods

About the author

Nathan is a lead project manager with over 16 of experience directing translation projects, as well as website and software localization projects.

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