Translation Services

ABC Translations provides:

  • Deep industry expertise
  • Over 160 languages
  • Over 25,000 native speaking translators
  • Certification and ongoing qualification program for translators and engineers
  • Consistent quality, effectiveness and hassle-free processes, at unmatched speeds
  • Some of the industry’s most competitive rates
  • Some of the most comprehensive and agile localization technologies in existence

Quality, speed, fair pricing, and ongoing support

The cornerstone of ABC Translations founding was the simple business principle that unsurpassed quality and customer focus would be a competitive advantage in the field of language services. ABC Translations has a network of carefully selected and tested professional translators in a variety of fields and in-house quality assurance managers who ensure our quality coefficient remains unbeatable. Depending on the needs of our clients, ABC Translations offers multilingual content creation, translation, internationalization, and quality assurance services in over 160 language, improving over ISO standards  to guarantee accuracy and eliminate redundancies that inflate costs unnecessarily.

Defining Translation

In the simplest terms, translation means transferring content from a source language to a target language. In reality, of course, translations are much more complex and require, for example, qualified native translators, defined quality assurance processes for proofreading and editing, and good terminology management.

In addition, good communication within the translation team, with the client and/or outside proofreaders, and the proper use of tools and technology are critical to an efficient translation process.

Our experience dating back to the 1996 allows us to provide professional translation services. Our accurate and consistent translations of products and content meet client and local requirements in terms of quality and take into account cultural conventions. Furthermore, our translations have terminology and style that reflect the client’s corporate culture and end-user expectations.

Document Translation

While ABC Translations now offers a wide variety of business solutions, our company started with legal document and university textbook translation services in 1996. Since then, we have consistently been a pioneer, steadily raising the level of quality and service that can be expected by clients. No other language service providers can offer the capabilities like ABC Translations to meet your multilingual material needs:

  • Fair pricing
  • Tight turnaround times
  • High volume orders
  • Highly specialized technical materials
  • Document Certification

Legal Translation

Sworn and legal translations are essential in the legal field and in all official documents. In addition, the figure of the sworn translator is necessary to give official validity to this type of translations so frequent in all kinds of procedures.

The documents included in this specialty are very varied. In the corporate field, translations of company bylaws, minutes, deeds, commercial contracts and everything related to corporate documentation are frequently done.

Likewise, the translation of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, criminal records or wills in the civil field is also recurrent. Finally, we also work with academic documents, such as diplomas, degrees or academic certificates for individuals going abroad or arriving in Spain.

We also provide services to individuals who require sworn translations for various procedures such as nationalizations, jobs or studies abroad.

If you wish to find sworn translators with extensive experience in the specialty, do not hesitate to contact us.

Patent Translation

As the global marketplace becomes even more competitive, fast and accurate patent translation and validation of can mean millions of dollars in difference in profits. Regularly working with law firms around the world and the legal departments of major companies, we have earned recognition for our exceptional patent translation timelines and the remarkable expertise of our specialists. Having translated thousands of patent documents, ABC Translations has the knowledge and expertise that only come by way of experience.

Translating patents requires more than just knowledge of a particular language. ABC Translations Linguist Accreditation (TLA) has been designed to ensure that every project is completed by a professional linguist with expertise in the field. ABC Translations gives you access to thousands of professionals who speak different languages and specialize in different areas of expertise, including linguists with degrees in fields such as:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Machine translation
  • Physics

Technical Translation

The field of technical translation covers a wide range of industrial and professional sectors, in which knowledge of the specific terminology of each specialty is essential to ensure that the message reaches the target audience accurately. At ABC Translations we are prepared to meet this challenge, thanks to our team of technical translators with expertise in all these fields.

Our specialized translators work with documents such as project and modified studies, user manuals and instructions, expert reports, etc. in the fields of engineering, environment and other technical-related industries. The translation of this type of documents, such as manuals, is essential for users all over the world to understand the operation of machines and equipment.

We work with national and international companies in a wide range of sectors, such as the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industries, among others. Our translators are prepared and trained to work with highly specialized companies.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

The medical-pharmaceutical sector is an area in which translation plays a key role. Most publications, documents and communications are written in English, which makes it necessary to have specialized medical translators who can contribute to spreading the message internationally.

The range of documents that a medical translator translates, both in this type of translation and in pharmaceutical translations, is very varied: trial protocols, clinical and preclinical studies, drug package inserts, articles for scientific journals, abstracts… The translation of market studies and patent applications is also frequent, as well as the translation of patient brochures and medical and surgical instrumentation manuals.

ABC Translations has several professionals specialized in medical and pharmaceutical translations who know the specific language of this area of expertise. Our translators work for various pharmaceutical laboratories, world-renowned hospitals and medical centers, scientific journals, surgical instrumentation companies and market research agencies, and regularly collaborate with medical specialists both to facilitate their linguistic understanding of the latest developments in the field and to enable them to disseminate the results of their latest research and studies.

If you are a healthcare professional or a company in the sector and would like to translate any type of document, please do not hesitate to request a quote, ABC Translations welcomes you!

Business and Commercial Translation

Nowadays, business and commercial translation is a booming sector, as commercial documents and corporate communication are the order of the day. Companies are gradually increasing their international presence and the need for communication between them makes this type of translation one of the most in-demand.

There are countless documents that can be translated in this field: press releases, market studies, internal and corporate communication texts, advertising brochures, trade agreements, patents, tariffs and, in general, any text of a commercial nature.

ABC Translations has a staff of professionals specialized in the translation of commercial texts who are perfectly fluent in the specific language of this type of texts and who continue to receive training in this field in order to continue offering our clients the most appropriate and accurate expression in all possible registers, aware of the need for continuous progress.

We invite any company or professional in the commercial field who needs to translate any type of document to request a quote. ABC Translations is waiting for you!

Financial Translation

For obvious reasons, economics has always been of paramount importance in our lives, both for large companies and for families. Despite being a universal science and applicable to all, transmitting concepts related to finance in different languages is not always easy, as they often depend on different economic models and schools of thought, which may only be rooted in certain countries and cultures and therefore alien to many others.

There are many documents related to economics and finance that can be translated, such as financial reports, audits, tax returns and financial agreements. Likewise, it is also common to translate financial publications and news, insurance and reinsurance policies, stock market documentation and banking and investment texts.

At ABC Translations we have several professionals specialized in economic and financial translation who translate television programs highly specialized in this discipline and who are trusted by many companies to translate all their financial documentation into a different language. Our translators are also fully familiar with the translation of economic readjustment plans and insurance and reinsurance policies.

Audiovisual Translation

Audiovisual translators make it possible for this material to reach as many people as possible, just as, thanks to them, we can also export our material abroad.

This type of translation covers various specialties, from the dubbing of films, documentaries, television programs, etc. to the subtitling of all types of audiovisual material: video games, video clips, films, documentaries, programs, series and commercials.

ABC Translations is staffed by professionals in the world of audiovisual translation who work for world-renowned television networks and translate all types of audiovisual content. We are proud to have a young team that understands how important it is to convey a message in different languages not only in written form, but also in sound.

You can request a quote for any type of audiovisual translation, whether it is an advertising spot, program, film, documentary, short film, etc.

Travel and Tourism Translation

Many countries have millions of visitors every year from different parts of the world. In our current era, the tourism sector in its most complex variant requires professionals specialized in the field to bring tourist attractions to the greatest possible number of international visitors. To this end, the role of the translator as a vehicle of communication is essential.

In this field, there are a multitude of documents of a very varied nature that can be translated. The hotel, catering and restaurant trades are a good example of this. We need only think of the amount of documentation that is translated in hotels and hostels, campsites, spas and all types of accommodations, as well as the volume of menus and menus that restaurants wish to translate in order to attract a larger number of customers. Likewise, the translation of tourist brochures like those for hotels, and travel guides for visitors is also extremely frequent.

At ABC Translations we have both a young and dynamic group of professional translators specialized in tourism translation. It is no coincidence that we work assiduously with several leading companies worldwide in the world of catering and hospitality, and we also have extensive experience in translating menus, recipes, cookbooks and specialized guides on gastronomy.

On the other hand, our translators have also developed their work in centers and monuments of tourist interest, both in written translations and in interpreting and guiding tasks, so they are fully aware of the importance of overcoming the language barrier to reach international tourists.

Literary and Journalistic Translation

The world of literature has always been and continues to be in vogue, in its most diverse form, which makes translation an essential tool for making literary and journalistic works known on a global scale. Moreover, with Spanish as one of the most important and widely spoken languages today, the range of possibilities that opens up in terms of translation is incalculable. This is where the translator’s role as a vehicle of transmission is crucial.

The range of documents that lend themselves to translation in this field is very varied: novels, short stories, essays, poetry, theater…. In addition, textbooks, comics, magazines and journalistic articles or articles from different specialized fields are also translated.

The ABC Translations team is made up of professional translators specialized in literary translation who have extensive experience in all types of genres, from novels to comics and journalistic articles, and who not only limit themselves to expressing the same content as the original, but also strive to maintain the form and style that are so important in this type of translation.

It is worth mentioning that our translators also work with individuals who wish to make a name for themselves in the literary world to help them disseminate their work.

If, as a professional in the literary or journalistic sector, you wish to translate any type of document or literary work, do not hesitate to request a free quote. WE ARE Translators: a commitment to content and form.

Website Translation

Today we live in the digital age. As a result, most transactions take place over the Internet. Companies try to promote their businesses by creating websites to publicize the products or services they offer. However, in order to give greater reach to these products or services, the company will have to make its website reach other countries, and to do so, it will have to translate it into several languages, requiring a translator for the website.

The translation of web pages is not limited to the translation of the content into other languages; it also requires localization work, which consists of adapting the elements that appear on the website (images, tags, source code…) to the target language.

ABC Translations specializes in the translation and localization of web pages. To do so, we use different tools that provide professionalism to our clients. Our translators have extensive experience in translating all types of websites, from websites about technological products to educational websites, as well as websites about medicine, economics, textiles, etc.

If you own a business and want to expand abroad, we invite you to request a quote.


Companies today have to manage vast quantities of content on all sorts of platforms and channels, and at tremendous speed. In addition, much of this content needs to be available in multiple languages. ABC Translations helps customers keep fast-moving content up-to-date by combining best-of-class neural machine translation technology with best practices for content and business process optimization.

Translation Tools

ABC Translations uses advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools that facilitate the reuse of previously translated content stored in translation memory (TM). Translation memory helps organizations reduce translation costs and turnaround time, while improving overall consistency of translations. Over time, this benefit grows with translation memory capacity, and is reinforced by tools such as ABC Translations’ ABC Go!, which centralize translation memory resources and control glossaries.

Translation Management

ABC Translations’ ABC Go! translation management technology is a set of applications designed to facilitate the tasks people face when managing translation projects. Workflows are streamlined giving users direct access to reports on current project status and maintaining audit trails. ABC Go! streamlines the entire translation process from submission to publication. The result is improved translation quality, shorter turnaround times, reduced workload and significantly reduced costs.

Highly qualified translators

We only use native speaking professional translators with at least 5 years experience. This means you can be sure that your translation is being handled by someone who knows the language inside out, as only a native speaker can.

Competitive prices

Keeping our overheads low means that we have some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Whilst you will find lower prices (if you look hard enough!), the chances are these rates do not include proofreading, and may even mean your translation is being carried out by someone who is not a native speaker of the language.

No project management fees

Many agencies charge a project management fee to cover their overheads. Our workflow technology automates most of the routine project management processes – all the parts where human intervention does not add value. This means we can put all our effort into selecting the right translator for the job, and we don’t need to charge project management fees.

Proofreading included on every translation

All our translations are proofread by a second translator, generally our most senior translator for the language combination. This means that when the translation is delivered back to you, it has been checked by two native speaking translators.

Range of specializations

We also cover a wide range of specializations, from general business texts to legal, industrial, medical and many more.

Range of file formats

We deal with a wide variety of formats from Word documents and PDFs to complete website translations. Whichever format you are working in, ABC Translations can help you project your products and services quickly into new markets.

We recognize that getting good quality translations is not enough. You have deadlines to meet and a budget to stick to. ABC Translations uses advanced workflow technology to manage translation projects faster and with lower overhead costs.

Express delivery

Our streamlined processes allow us to achieve a faster turnaround time on time critical projects than many of our competitors. Having a large team of translators means that we can get someone to start on your project right away. And if you have a large project which needs to be completed urgently, we can quickly assemble a team of translators to get the job done really quickly.

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