Travel and Tourism Translation

Technical translations for the travel and tourism industry

With ABC Translations, creating, launching and Tourism plays an important role worldwide. Customer satisfaction and building a strong brand are becoming increasingly important for every company. In a tourism industry characterized by increasing competition and change, contact with the customer must be continuously optimized. Strong customer loyalty always goes hand in hand with excellent customer communication. ABC Translations’ extensive language expertise is the key to your success.

Connect your guests in their language

The acceptance of products and services is mostly dependent on the potential customer being addressed in his or her native language. ABC Translations can help you present yourself globally and successfully place your products and services on international markets.

Translations in the travel and tourism sector must be geared to the respective target culture. For this reason, ABC Translations not only places special emphasis on native and foreign language competence among its specialist translators, but also on a high level of intercultural competence, since translations of tourism texts such as travel catalogs and brochures or websites must take into account the culture and social customs in the country of the target language. Only in this way can a wide variety of destinations, cities and countries be attractively presented in the various languages and successfully communicated to those willing to travel.

Whether it’s an adventure, relaxation or cultural vacation, the wishes of your customers are as diverse as the world itself. ABC Translations will ensure that your concepts are presented in a professional language, so that you are always optimally represented on the market. Since 1996, you have been able to rely on a full service in foreign language communication, including not only translation, but also DTP and printing, as well as copywriting and interpreting.

We translate the following texts for you, among others:

  • Advertising flyers
  • Insurance documents
  • Magazine articles
  • Marketing materials, such as trade show materials, brochures, etc.
  • Tourist information
  • Travel catalogs
  • Travel guides
  • Vaccination cards
  • Websites

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