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To get people around the world to understand your company, the first thing you should consider is having a multilingual website. Your online content should be the same across your global materials, and accurately reflect your brand’s value, which is especially important. Achieving only website translation is not enough, and you will face the challenge of cost-effectively managing internal project management and IT personnel burdens as you find the most cost-effective and efficient way to generate and deploy user-friendly, accurate translations on high-quality websites.

ABC is a leading brand for web and app adaptation work. ABC combines experienced engineers with cutting-edge technology, brand language and cultural adaptation experts to define, plan, and execute each website and app localization project with uncommon agility and reliability. After your multilingual website is up and running, ABC will provide you with consulting services to help you determine a website maintenance plan and continuously update multilingual content.

About Localization

Internationalization (i18N) – Internationalization is the process of creating a shell, or template, of your site by removing language specific content (text and graphics) to prepare for different text, images, and functionality. After internationalization, translated text can be reintroduced and the appropriate background functionality can be integrated. Internationalization makes a site easier to localize. In fact, if you were to launch your site in many languages, our internationalization services save you time and money by providing you with a clean website template that allows for easy, less costly localization into other languages.

Localization (L10n) – website Localization includes the translation of the text found on your website as well as the adaptation of graphics to conform to the expectations of foreign language readers. Language, color combinations, images, movement, and sounds can work together to provide your visitors with a web user experience that speaks to them on culturally-influenced logical and emotional levels. A strong international product introduction requires a website experience that, at once, delivers your message in an effective, clear style, and provides your target audience an experience that is linguistically and culturally harmonious and natural.

Quality Assurance – ABC has a clear set of quality rules that obviate subjectivity discussions. Our electronic quality documentation process, named “AbsoluteQ,” set new standards of excellence in the localization industry. AbsoluteQ is integrated into every step of the product development cycle. This unique Quality Assurance system has been designed to reduce your time-to-market and localization costs while providing a dynamic feedback system to best orient product performance. AbsoluteQ sustains your competitive advantage.

Ongoing Support – ABC Translations provides ongoing support to improve and perpetuate your competitive advantage. We perform International Search Engine Marketing (iSEM), website architecture reviews, international website statistics, ongoing accessibility evaluations and ROI analysis, link building, E-mail translation, and semi-simultaneous multilingual web content updates.

International Digital Marketing

Generally, when searchers use search engines, they only pay attention to the top few search results, no matter what language the searcher uses. After completing the initial website localization, the next step is to let your target audience see your localized site. ABC can design and implement a digital marketing plan according to the statistics of the target audience, identifying and validating multilingual search terms, slang and spelling errors, and ultimately achieving the results you seek online.

Mobile application localization

Given the growing popularity of smartphones in the world, launching a mobile application is one of the most cost-effective ways to dramatically increase your income and global customer base. However, the application content and the app store description must reflect accurate translations if you are to enjoy overseas sales. In fact, research shows that when mobile applications are localized for the customer’s native language, the client downloads are likely to increase dramatically.

Clearly, marketing your products and services over the Internet opens new opportunities for growth. The ABC team of engineers, linguists, and cultural consultants study your business expansion objectives thoroughly. They design a custom solution based on your needs and current business processes and technology. The team assembled for your project finds the most efficient way to launch and sustain you web localization project while improving quality and reducing your project’s costs and time-to-market.

Questions and Answers On Website Translations

The enormous growth of the Internet and e-commerce makes it possible for any company with an effective website to easily develop an multinational customer base. Many companies realize that the Internet is growing fastest where people speak a language other than English, and they realize that they need to have foreign language content on their website if they want to reach their potential international customer base. That raises questions:

How can you develop the multilingual website you need to reach those foreign markets? Who will design it correctly given our branding expectations? Who will determine its content? Who will handle the foreign language coding and imaging? Who will make sure that it WORKS in the target culture as intended? Who can understand the analytics that will lead to better and better processes over time?

ABC Translations provides easy and reliable solutions that maximizes the investment you have already made in your English website. We can quickly develop foreign language versions of an existing English-only site. Our professional translators will translate the text content while our localization engineers localize the HTML, graphics, and other code. And raising the value bar far above competitors, our digital marketing team will seamlessly coordinate with our translators and localization engineers to build out content that will be received and understood as the best by both search engines and website visitors.

Experience and Innovation

Translating a website requires experience. Even getting an accurate word count from a website can be difficult. Then there’s the HTML and other coding. How do you preserve the appearance and function of your website while still allowing a translator to access the text? And what about the graphic elements? What about interactive websites that rely on scripts like JQuery and database connections? These are the kinds of questions that ABC has been answering since the Internet first started to spread around the globe, simultaneously with the rise of Google, before Bing, before Facebook, before Twitter, before YouTube. We’ve worked on just about every kind of website in existence, and we’ve gained a storehouse of experience and knowledge that we can put to work for you.

We’ve also developed specialized tools that help us produce website translations efficiently, accurately, and inexpensively. You will notice the difference from the very beginning of your web localization project: You receive will receive a free website translation and localization estimate that breaks down the components of your website into easy-to-understand segments, each detailed and priced separately. And because our software dives right into the code on every page of your site and parses it with laser-like precision, counting all the “invisible” words that are hiding in the HTML, Javascript, and other coding, you know you won’t be overcharged based on an inaccurate estimates that counts the exact same phrases repeated on every page as a separate charge.

Protecting and Projecting Website Design and Functionality

There are a handful of companies that now offer special plugins that will “automatically” translate your website content like magic. They promise to deliver fast, easy, and inexpensive translations within minimal interruptions. Since the client buying the translation services rarely understands the target language to the extent that they can distinguish high quality from low quality, the client has no idea that what they receive from these companies are “cleaned up” Google Translate translations. ABC ran analytics comparing the results to Google Translate. We found that 80% are low quality translations that are almost always unnatural sounding when read aloud, clunky, with forced syntax, and passive voiced inappropriately (“garbage”). They do NOT project the image a company wants to project linguistically. ABC Translations has received many projects from companies that have bought in to this “advancement” in web translation technology, only to receive low grade language and sometimes garbage through the APIs. And it is NOT inexpensive, especially if you see your translations as being an investment. The simple fact is you get what you pay for, and quick fixes are still quick fixes that create more problems than they are worth. The human mind understanding your business proposition and seeing it embedded in your design, and then recreating it in another language, for another culture, requires far more than an edited Google Translate translation that is farmed out to the lowest cost micro-workers, and then transmitted to you among the shadows of the Internet on an API. Caveat emptor. These services are the new shiny object, but, in too many cases, the results are not only interrupting business, they are preventing it.

At the other end of the extreme, some translation companies that are asked to translate and localize a site simply turn over the HTML files to a freelance translator. That translator then tries to translate the text from within a text editor or WYSIWYG Web page design application. Translators are linguists, they aren’t programmers, and they aren’t designers. If your website contains any “invisible” text, for example, text in Javascript, the translator might not see it. In projects sent to us to correct, we have seen cases where the translator has deleted a bunch of tags by accident, or altered the functionality and appearance of the client’s website without even knowing it. The chances are that, in this case, your web pages will look different when you get them back, or they might not work. This means you or your web developers will have to spend time fixing code that wasn’t broken when you sent it.

We don’t think the above two examples are the right ways to go about a website translation and localization. Beyond using the most effective web localization tools available more widely, we have also developed proprietary software designed specifically to verify that that the original coding crafted by your design team remains intact, while allowing the translator, editor, proofreader, cultural consultant, and digital marketing team to focus on their parts. Our application presents the linguistic team with a website’s text strings so that they can view how it is set against the web page’s design in a safe, easy-to-use format. The translator doesn’t have to waste time working around HTML code, and you don’t have to worry about the translator accidentally erasing or otherwise altering the code or functionality. Our technology protects your code, and it reduces overall localization costs. Further, the editing of Google Translate translations to cut corners is strictly forbidden at ABC, and we regularly check for it internally. The translations you receive from ABC Translations are a true and worthwhile investment that will pay off, whether those translations appear on a website, in software, or in printed form.

We realize that there are many factors related to transnational websites that simply can’t be addressed with a one-size-fits-all approach. If you have a question about database integration, digital marketing online or through email, or any other issue involved in the translation and localization of your website, please call or email us with your question. We will work with you to design a solution that fits your design, budget, scheduling requirements, and overall deployment plan.

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