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Translate Your Website

With ABC Translations, creating, launching and optimizing multilingual websites is easy and cost-effective. Whatever the purpose of your website – information resource, brand promotion, intranet site, or e-commerce – ABC Translations solutions make adapting it for international markets easy. 

  • Corporate sites
  • Law firm sites
  • Blogs
  • Mobile sites
  • Community organization sites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Help sites
  • News sites
  • Online business brochures
  • Photo sharing websites

Comprehensive Website Translation Company

If you want your website translated into another language, you should choose your translation company carefully. Because your website is the backbone of your business and an expression of your identity in the online environment. There are many companies offering website translation and localization services, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose one if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Website localization online will help you save time and money, because the work will be done remotely, but you will be able to control the process by communicating with an experienced manager who will direct your project.

ABC Translations is exactly the website localization company that will transform your website through the magic of words. We provide professional website localization services in over 160 languages, including Chinese, Dutch, Korean, German, French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. All of our translators are required to pass our accreditation tests before they start working with ABC Translations. Types of projects include:

  • Static web apps
  • Dynamic web applications
  • Online stores or e-commerce
  • Web portals
  • Animated web applications
  • CMS (WordPress, Joomla)

Strengths of our Localization Process

Our strengths include:

  • Full compliance with international standards and industry terminology
  • In-house product testing
  • Experience in localizing millions of words for leading  companies

Mobile Web Localization

Localizing mobile websites involves a number of complex tasks that need to be completed on the platform, but with successful creation of high-quality mobile content, organizations can benefit from the sheer number of mobile app users and customers in emerging markets. Factors to consider when developing a mobile site in the source language are include questions around the adaptiveness of the site’s design, touchscreen use, and compatibility with all mobile operating systems.

As multiple languages come into play, these questions become even more relevant, because you need to consider layouts and fonts, as well as text positioning when placing content in the limited space of a mobile page. Your site may need to reflect ideographic languages like Chinese or languages where texts read from right to left, like Arabic, Azeri, Persian, or Hebrew.

ABC Translations has the technical resources and in-depth knowledge to help you meet these important challenges, allowing you to perform at your best, no matter what device your customers decide to use.

The outsourced content Spanish language creation, development, and localization processes have evolved considerably over the years, but in most cases these processes have been brought to maturity separately. Lead times to deploying content in Spanish have shortened and resource flows have throttled. In this environment, the need to save costs, resources, and time is more compelling than at any time previously.

Ideally, organizations are supported in delivering a fully localized Spanish language solution, as well as content that is published in the usual way, by integrating the content development and localization processes. With this integration, Spanish content can be developed from the ground up to target an international and local audience resulting in meaningful benefits throughout the content lifecycle.

Our Spanish content development services include the following key components:

  • Help and documentation development
  • Website and intranet content development
  • Marketing collateral development
  • Development of training material
  • Web-based Internet training development
  • Process analysis and design
  • Art direction and packaging design

ABC Go! Proxy Solution

Launch multilingual websites in a matter of weeks with ABC Translations ABC Go! website localization technology. ABC Go! can be hosted in the cloud as well as by the client, and uses proprietary technologies that make it much easier for your professionals to manage the project and virtually eliminate the need to bring in IT professionals, or otherwise make the process more cumbersome than needed.

  • Launch within days or weeks
  • Practically no IT-specialists needed
  • PCI compliant
  • Cloud solution or installed by client

Multilingual customer support

According to research, consumers are more likely to shop on sites with comprehensive information in a language they are comfortable with, including checkout, customer service and chat support. ABC Translations offers real-time chat translation solutions as well as the ability to recruit or contract with agents for multilingual customer support. In addition, ABC Translations has a dedicated remote interpreting division that features over-the-phone interpretation services in over 160 languages, with over most of the calls being handled through our US-based call centers.

Website and Language Testing

The difficulty in website testing is that each language is intended for users from different cultures. Therefore, aspects such as text direction, measurement systems and currency need to be taken into account, and, to guarantee the accuracy and accessibility of the translation, sentences need to be specifically adapted to the local cultural context. This is what the web localization process is all about.

We can test your localized website, set up testing environments, developing test scripts, performing  translation quality assurance reviews and correction.

Web Content Management System

The difficulty in website testing is that each language is intended for users from different cultures. Therefore, aspects such as text direction, measurement systems and currency need to be taken into account, and, to guarantee the accuracy and accessibility of the translation, sentences need to be Our localization specialists are proficient in HTML, PHP and XML formats, and are also familiar with the majority of common content management systems (CMSs) such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, or Typo3. However, as required, localization orders may involve not only translators, linguists, technical and literary editors, but also layout designers and, in some cases, programmers. As a result, the client receives not simply a translation of the text, but a complete working version of the website in the desired language, while maintaining its original design and structure.

More Information on Website Translation/Localization

Website translation allows you to attract thousands of new visitors and potential customers online. By offering your products or services to an international audience, you create publicity and significant growth potential for your business. Numerous studies have shown that consumers are more inclined to buy if they can find information in their native language. You can make it easier for your international visitors to navigate your site and increase your market share without a major investment. Our native translators adapt your site’s content to the culture of your target audience, preserving your brand image as your business enters new markets.

To ensure appropriate terminology is used, we choose translators according to the subject matter of your site, whether it’s cosmetics, mechanics, or law. In addition, the performers live in the country of the site’s target audience. This gives them a unique knowledge of the local cultural context and the ability to easily adapt those parts of your site that require true localization. We create a translation memory for each project so that when your site is updated, you pay only for the new material. We can also localize all the multimedia content on your site (images, graphics, downloadable PDFs, etc.) upon request during the translation process.

When translating websites, we use different translation processes depending on your needs and wishes. We can translate the source code of your site (HTML, PHP, XML or any other format) keeping the tags intact thanks to our proprietary automated translation tool. This solution significantly speeds up the process because it does not require manual integration of the texts into the source files after translation. We can also translate your content into standard Word or Excel formats. Finally, if your site is managed by a CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) we can integrate our translations into the system itself if you grant us access.

Once you have integrated the translation into your website, we can, on request and completely free of charge, test the content in its final context in order to evaluate the need to adapt the materials to the layout.

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