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Go global with a website translation you can trust

Position yourself as a global brand. Appear linguistically confident. Seize your opportunities in global markets. Today, it’s easier than ever. By distributing your information across the World Wide Web, you can reach potential customers in virtually every corner of the globe. However, this requires professionally translated website texts. Only then will you be adequately perceived, and only then will your message get across the way you want it to.

Your professional translation service for the translation of your website

Website translation is a specialized field that requires professionalism and knowledge about the correct structure of websites. ABC Translations offers you a competent website translation service and related localization for a wide range of countries. Whether you are an individual or an institution, become one of our satisfied customers. In order to reach a larger clientele and thus increase your turnover, we at ABC Translations offer a reliable and fast translation service that convinces through quality. We pay attention to SEO compatibility and can provide you with a top ranking in the various search engines through our content management know-how. For your optimal website translation, our technical translators work together with trained content writers. We use a combination of two different translation methods for your website. On the one hand, we take care of the translation management, on the other, we also take care of the content management. You can also have the website translated directly by our experts in your CMS system such as Magento or WordPress. Our translators also have expertise and know-how in SEO and SEM. In addition, we also fulfill requirements that go beyond this expertise. For example, if you are not yet sure which target audience to focus on, our team of content writers will be happy to conduct a target audience analysis for you.

We translate your website and bring your story to the other side of the world

Acquiring new, international clients no longer requires a business trip. Networking across borders is done from the office, with just a computer and a multilingual website as a marketing tool. But how do you prevent the power of your crucial message from being lost in translation? And, more importantly, how do you manage to tailor future international customers and galvanize them into action? By launching a multilingual website, you leave a professional impression across the border and increase your company’s online presence.

Tapping into new markets together

If your organization is about to enter new international markets, ABC Translations is the right partner for you. We create appealing and perfect texts in many languages, so that your company shows its best side right across the border. Our translators, with extensive knowledge of local languages and customs, work closely with online marketers and know how to develop attractive, accurate texts in every country.

Make new customers feel at home

Will taking the French market by storm be your company’s next step? Then realize that an English translation of the company website alone is far from sufficient. The French, proud as they are, want to be approached in their own language. Chances are that the lack of a targeted translation will cause you to miss out on valuable visitors and potential customers. Customers you could have won with our translated, localized and SEO-oriented web texts. To get your story and philosophy across in any other country in the world, we focus on your marketing message and product. Your story, in any language.

How we translate websites

It all starts with the right people. Depending on the product you offer, we put together an experienced translation team that is related to the services your company provides. Our translators generally live in the country or region for which the translated texts are intended. Their extensive knowledge of the culture and local customs ensures that the translations hit the right note, no matter where in the world they are written. Each translation is edited by other native speakers to make translated texts as effective as the original.

Transcreation: Essential information in a new form

In some cases, translating and localizing a text is not the best solution. In that case, it makes more sense to rewrite the text in another language. This process, called transcreation, demands the utmost from a translator. Transcreation is more than a text translation, which is tailored for an international audience. Instead of following the literal source text, it comes down to the creativity of the translator, without losing sight of the original information.

In the translated text, written specifically for the country of destination, the message of the original remains fully intact and the new target group is approached and served in a tailored way. This way you avoid costly or sensitive misconceptions, because local customs and culture are embraced. Transcreation demands a lot from a translator. Writing engaging, fluent and error-free web texts is far from easy. After all, the texts should not only inform, but also appeal to new, international visitors and incite them to action. Our copywriters have mastered this art to perfection and can improve and optimize existing texts as well as develop completely new content.

Increase your ability to found online

In the online business world, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is invaluable. It is not for nothing that we carry out a detailed keyword analysis when translating a website, writing web texts and transcreation. Effective search terms and synonyms receive extra attention in order to achieve good indexing. This allows you to quickly and smartly work with high priority keywords for your company. We also translate and write page titles and meta descriptions so that your online presence is noticed even better abroad.

ABC Translations: A Google partner

As a certified partner of Google, we have localized websites for countless companies. From agricultural companies to online gaming; our expertise has proven itself emphatically. This is reflected in the projects we have successfully completed for companies like Rolls-Royce, Disney, and IBM.

ABC Translations is the right choice for translating your website because, stated plainly, we ensure that you will quickly earn back your investment in website translations!

SEO optimized translation of your website

ABC Translations distinguishes itself by being the only translation agency in the Netherlands specialized in SEO. We can translate your website so that it is easily found in the target language by Google and other search engines. We do not do this by applying tricks or spamming with keywords. This will not benefit the quality of the texts on your site.

Adapting websites for global search engines and users

We provide you with a beautiful, easy to read website translation. We apply our knowledge of the algorithms used by Google. This ensures that the chance it is found is greatly enhanced. Of course, there are other important factors. Think, for example, of the structure of your site. We translate each web page optimized for a well-chosen keyword. The volume of text per article is also important, as is the use of images and videos. In addition, the number of (relevant) links to your website plays a role. For a spot at the top of the first page you must also take into account what your competition is doing and how popular certain search terms are. Here we can play an advisory role. Moreover, we can perform keyword research for you in all desired languages.

Frequently Asked Questions on Website Translations

How is website translation done?

Correct translation of the content of a website usually first requires the assistance of the person responsible for the technical aspects of your website. After the content of all the pages of your website has been converted so that a translator can work with it, the translator and the webmaster check together that the data is complete. Then the translator starts his or her work, followed by proofreading two sets of eyes. After the translation is completed, the new language versions only need to be implemented by your webmaster.

Which languages are preferred for website translation?

The primary language choice for companies looking to expand internationally is English, Spanish, Chinese, or Korean. For example, an English-language website is very important for the corporate identity of the company that wants to do work in the United States, the UK, Australia, and many other places given its role as a lingua franca in my industries and fields of research and advancement. In particular, import and export companies that do not have an English version of their website, as well as companies targeting foreign customers, should quickly get on the path to translating their website translation. Additional languages can either be selected according to their distribution or should be individually tailored to your market and target group. Any language from Arabic to Zulu are all possible with ABC Translations.

What does it cost to have a website translated?

No matter where you are in the world and no matter what service you need – as a professional translation agency, we can reliably handle your website translation for a wide range of languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic or Turkish – we always have competent translators on hand. Thanks to our online service, you can order your translation from us around the clock and benefit from our network of specialized and extensively trained translators. Simply upload your documents and specify your required options. You will receive an individual offer including a binding delivery date, which is based on the number of words, language combination and the requirements of your order. If our conditions convince you, you can order immediately. The progress of your translation can be monitored online using ABC Go! and your professional website translation will be delivered to you punctually and reliably by e-mail.

What special familiarity do you translators have with CMSs?

For websites offering goods or services, for example, we use a combination of translators who are familiar with the implementation and the respective CMS, and translators who specialize in marketing.

Do you focus on user impact in the new language versions?

Yes, our translators make sure that your website is equally appealing in other language versions. We also use localized SEO methods and support you in implementing, for example, the hreflang application so that your site is automatically output in the correct language.

How do you order a website translation?

You can place a separate order for each desired language combination. However, for a larger project you can also contact us by mail or phone.

What skills do website translators have?

Website translators require special IT skills, must be familiar with various content management systems, and coding knowledge is also an advantage. We ensure this by only working with translators who have also completed training in IT. Many websites also require marketing skills, so we usually work with a team of two or more translators to ensure optimal results for all requirements.

Do I need website translation and localization if I expect to conduct business abroad?

For an internationally expanding company, a linguistically, culturally and technically localized website is a basic requirement for success in target markets. The professionally translated website often serves as the first source of information for potential business partners.

Taking this particular relevance into account, a competent execution of website localization or website translation sets our clients apart from the international competition.

Global presence of your website increases market opportunities by building trust

It seems paradoxical, but it’s actually true that in the wake of globalization, the trend toward linguistic diversity is intensifying. When living conditions and products around the globe are becoming increasingly similar, people regard their native language as an important means of identification, their spiritual and cultural home. Those who speak the language of the people they want to reach practice customer proximity, create trust and emotionally charge the relationship with their potential customers.

ABC Translations specialists will help you build trust by translating your website into any language you need, quickly, professionally, and with an unerring sense for country-specific idiosyncrasies. Naturally, our website translation and localization specialists are familiar with all relevant file formats and systems and deliver your translated texts to you “ready to use”.

Position yourself as a global brand

With your professionally designed and translated website, you can position yourself as a global brand, quickly and easily. But most importantly, you pick up your potential customers where they feel most at home, in their own language and culture.

Because our specialists not only translate, they also localize your website texts, they know and take into account the background and specific characteristics of the culture for which they are translating. This starts with expressions typical of the country – such as the “About us” section – to careful wording in product descriptions, right through to idioms and linguistic images that are familiar to readers in the target country, language, and culture.

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