Website Translation Services

Imagine your website speaking the language of your audience, connecting with them in their own cultural context, and inviting them into your brand’s universe. With the help of our professional website translation services, you can turn your site into a multilingual masterpiece, captivating audiences from different countries and cultures, and boosting your brand’s global presence.

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Understanding Website Translation and Localization

When expanding your online presence to reach international audiences, it’s important to clarify the difference between website translation and website localization. Website translation involves converting your website’s text from one language to another, maintaining its original meaning. On the other hand, website localization goes beyond translation to adapting the content to suit the cultural, social, and linguistic nuances of the target audience, such as using local currencies, dialects, and references. Let’s explore two examples to clarify the distinction between translation and localization using local currencies:

Language Example of Translation Example of Localization
Spanish “We offer free shipping” -> “Ofrecemos envío gratuito” “We offer free shipping for orders over $50” -> “Ofrecemos envío gratuito para pedidos superiores a 50€ (Note: This example is tailored to Spanish-speaking customers in Spain by using their currency and dialect.)
Portuguese “We offer free shipping” -> “Oferecemos frete grátis” “We offer free shipping for orders over $50” -> “Oferecemos frete grátis para pedidos acima de R$ 250 (Note: This example is tailored to Portuguese-speaking customers in Brazil by using their currency and dialect.)

This table demonstrates that a simple translation of “We offer free shipping” into Spanish and Portuguese stays true to the original message, while the localized version adapts the currency and wording to match the specific target audience’s preferences in Spain and Brazil, respectively.

Website translation may not be as complex as website localization, but it remains specialized art that demands skilled linguists. Here at ABC Translations, we are dedicated to offering you top-notch website translation services (and localization solutions) for a wide array of countries.

Let’s work together to help you reach a broader audience, skyrocket your sales, and dominate the search engine rankings with our reliable, speedy, and high-quality translation service. Our technical translators collaborate with skilled content writers to create the perfect blend of translation and content management. Plus, our experts are well-versed in various CMS systems, such as Magento and WordPress, and have extensive know-how in SEO and SEM. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of your target audience – our talented content team can conduct a thorough analysis for you.

Your Story Deserves to be Heard, Even Across the Globe

Connect with new, international clients from the comfort of your office with just a computer and a multilingual website as your marketing toolkit. But how do you ensure that your crucial message doesn’t get lost in translation, and, more importantly, how do you inspire future international customers to take action? By launching a multilingual website, you’ll leave a lasting, professional impression while expanding your company’s online presence.

Bring Your Story to the World: Website Translation and Beyond

Say goodbye to business trips and hello to international clients from the comfort of your office. Your multilingual website is your new marketing tool, but how do you ensure your message doesn’t get lost in translation? Simple: by launching a professional and engaging multilingual website that captures your company’s essence across borders.

Together, We’ll Conquer New Markets

When your organization is ready to take on new international markets, ABC Translations is your go-to partner. Our skilled translators, armed with extensive knowledge of local languages and customs, collaborate with online marketers to craft captivating, accurate content that makes your company shine across the globe.

Make Your New Customers Feel Right at Home

If conquering the French market is your next move, know that an English translation of your website won’t cut it. The French, proud as they are, prefer being addressed in their native language. Don’t miss out on valuable visitors and potential customers—let our translated, localized, and SEO-oriented web content bring your story and philosophy to life in any language.

Our Secret Sauce: Transcreation

At times, translation and localization alone aren’t enough. Enter transcreation: a creative process that rewrites content in another language without losing the original message. Our translators excel in this art, ensuring that your message remains intact while appealing to your target audience and respecting local customs and culture.

Boost Your Online Visibility with SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial in the online business world. That’s why we conduct a thorough keyword analysis when translating websites, writing web content, and performing transcreation. Our focus on effective search terms, synonyms, and indexing helps you quickly and intelligently work with high-priority keywords that boost your online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions on Website Translations

Website Translation: How It’s Done

Website translation begins with your webmaster prepping your site’s content for our translators. Once the content is ready, our translator and webmaster double-check everything before the translation process starts. After translation and proofreading, your webmaster implements the new language versions, and voilà! Your website speaks multiple languages.

Preferred Languages for Website Translation

While English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean are common choices for companies expanding internationally, the best language selection depends on your market and target audience. With ABC Translations, the possibilities are endless—from Arabic to Zulu.

Website Translation Costs

The cost of website translation depends on factors such as word count, language combination, and project requirements. With our online service, you can upload your documents and receive a personalized quote. Once you approve the quote, our specialized translators get to work, and you can monitor their progress online using ABC Go!

Translators’ CMS Familiarity

Our translators have experience with various content management systems (CMS) and the necessary IT skills to handle websites offering goods or services. Additionally, they specialize in marketing, ensuring your website remains engaging and effective in every language.

User Impact in New Language Versions

Yes, our translators prioritize user impact, making your website equally appealing in other languages. We also employ localized SEO techniques and support the implementation of hreflang attributes to enhance your site’s online presence.

How to Order Website Translation

You can order translations for each language combination separately or contact us by mail or phone for larger projects.

Skills of Website Translators

Website translators possess special IT skills, CMS familiarity, and coding knowledge. We work with translators who have completed IT training and collaborate with teams of translators to ensure the best results for your website.

Website Translation & Localization for International Business

A professionally localized website is essential for success in your target markets. It builds trust with potential partners and distinguishes your brand from the competition. With ABC Translations, your website will be translated and localized by experts familiar with relevant file formats and systems, ensuring a seamless process.

Position Your Brand Globally

A professionally designed and translated website allows you to position yourself as a global brand. By speaking your customers’ language and respecting their culture, you create a strong connection. Our specialists don’t just translate—they localize your website, considering country-specific expressions, idioms, and cultural nuances. Get started with ABC Translations today and go global!