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ABC Translations is built on the creative power of an extensive translation community. Moreover, we strictly follow ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 quality processes. You are guaranteed high-quality translations at ABC. Our translation specialists have extensive experience translating WordPress websites. Besides knowledge of SEO, among other things, they have in-depth knowledge of the relevant language and culture as native speakers. This ensures that your online message is perfectly attuned to your international target audience.

Simple delivery of WordPress translations

WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. The open-source software is used by more than 60% of websites with a CMS. For international success, it’s essential to translate your WordPress website. Through ABC Translations you can do this quickly and easily. Via our platform you can easily supply your URLs or files (e.g., .xml or .po). You will then immediately receive a quote. Our native speaking translators will get to work for you as soon as the assignment is confirmed. You will receive an effective WordPress website translation in no time.

Faster and more cost-effective translation

ABC Translations is a unique translation agency that uses a global network of translators. Our innovative platform ensures that your assignment is automatically matched with a suitable translator. Moreover, you can follow the translation live and give instructions. By default, two different specialists work on each assignment: the translator and the proofreader. The latter carries out a full quality check before you receive the translation. Because many processes are automated, we can keep our rates low. This makes ABC Translations a fast and cost-effective alternative to a traditional translation agency.

Quick WordPress translations in .PO or .XML 

There are few translation agencies that offer a translation solution for WordPress websites. As the manager of a corporate website, web shop or blog, you want to invest your time where the output is greatest. That means you don’t want a cluttered bunch of different file formats and translations for your website. With an .xml translation you work clearly and efficiently.

  • No unnecessary work with texts in different file formats.
  • Easily import the translated .XML or .PO file directly into your WordPress installation.
  • Our .XML or .PO upload tool automatically counts the words of your translation.

Translate WordPress website, themes and plugins

Don’t want to translate pages, but a theme or plugin? Then it’s best to translate with .po files to make the translation process as efficient as possible. This option takes less time because no unnecessary time is spent converting files. You will receive the translated file in the same .po format, so you can add the file directly back to your WordPress files.

Adherence to ISO-17100 and ISO-9001 translation service standards

A quality policy must be developed and adhered to in practice. The ISO-17100 standard imposes strict requirements on the qualifications of the translators, among other things.

What files can you have translated by ABC Translations?

You will always receive the translated file in the same uploaded file format.


.xml export files from WordPress can be uploaded directly to our system.


.docx is the most commonly used document extension by word processors like Microsoft Word.


.txt files are plain text formatted documents that can be opened with standard word processors.


You can have .csv and .xls files translated by ABC Translations while retaining the same format. Ideal for translating files that you want to import quickly.


.po files are used by content management systems to recognize translations.

WordPress as a Multilingual CMS

WordPress is a flexible content management system (CMS) suitable for the rapid creation and management of websites. Originally, the CMS was mainly intended for blogs, but now it’s increasingly used for websites.

With the help of an export plug-in, multilingual content can also be clearly managed within WordPress. ABC Translations provides comprehensive support for the creation of your multilingual WordPress websites.


For companies that want to position themselves successfully on the international market, multilingual websites are essential. However, when using WordPress as a CMS, it must be taken into account that it’s not inherently designed for the straightforward management of multilingual content. For this reason, the use of an export plug-in is required.

Process and API

In the first step, an export plug-in is required to enter multilingual content. In the second step, the customer can export the XLIFF files with the content to be translated and send them to us by e-mail.

ABC Translations provides you with a direct interface connection for standardized file transfer and processing. This allows the translation processes of WordPress websites to be controlled automatically, so that multilingual content is transmitted to us automatically and a time-consuming, manual import and export is no longer necessary. Our API interface also enables direct communication between your CMS customer portal, as the API is connected to it – thus enabling an automated exchange of information.

Translation process using an export plug-in:

By using the plug-in, content can be stored in WordPress in multiple languages and the XML files containing the content to be translated can be exported

  1. After the export, you send us the XLIFF files by e-mail.
  2. We then carry out the translation
  3. In the last step, we provide you with the XLIFF files, which can be imported directly into WordPress.
  4. If required, file transfer and processing can be automated by connecting our API.


  • Possible API connection, which enables automated data exchange.
  • Time saving: No manual copy and paste through XLIFF exports
  • Translation of pages, themes, menus, plug-ins (e.g., contact forms and sliders) from WordPress
  • Application of translation memory and terminology management systems – increases the quality of translations and ensures stylistic as well as terminological consistency
  • No copy and paste thanks to XLIFF extraction – saves time while eliminating sources of errors
  • Eliminates complicated and error-prone source code editing by translators
  • Quality assurance integrated into the workflow by ABC Translations’ QA editor as well as the checking of various contents even before all work steps have been completed
  • Flexible use of a customer-associated proofreader/editor on request

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